Friday, March 26, 2010

Kitchen Gardening

Today I registered for the new Kitchen Gardeners web site. I was a member of the old group and decided to join up at the new URL. It is a great site for gardening advice and information sharing and also offers membership to special interest groups and has some good blogs too.

On to what is happening in my kitchen garden. My favourite bed at the moment is this one. The kohl rabi and turnips are too tiny to eat as yet but the rocket in the middle is young, tender and spicy. Delicious with the ripe tomatoes and cucumbers that are still coming into the kitchen every day.

My favourite flower in the kitchen garden today is this dahlia. I don't usually grow dahlias in the vegetable garden but I had a spare bed this year and they have flourished. I think it might be the extra attention they have received being in the edible garden.

The Climbing Princess beans have finished being tasty and are now drying out for seed for next spring/summer. I really need them to hurry up because there isn't much room for the winter vegetables to be planted yet.

The potatoes are dieing off and today I dug up some kipflers and pink fir apples for dinner. With lovely freshly dug spuds, I don't like to do too much. Maybe just boiling for 10 minutes and then finishing off in a hot oven with olive oil.

Lastly, a picture of one of the many gourds which have taken over the garden. I think this one is a speckled swan but I could be wrong. It came up next to where I planted the dinosaur gourd so it may be a hybrid seed that was in the dinosaur packet. Apparently gourds cross polinate quite readily so who knows.
Bye for now,


Damo said...

wow great dahlias I'm growing some for the first time this year and if they are half as good as yours I'll be very pleased!

Dahlia Grower said...

Stunning bunch of dahlias! I'm also planning to grow some dahlias in my garden. I found a clean and well-organized selection of dahlia tubers and I want to start planting dahlia bulbs as soon as I can. I just hope they grow as beautiful as your dahlias.