Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The local show was a success for us this year. Not only did we have the fun of sewing and making handicrafts and cooking in the lead up, but we brought home some prizes too.Both of my daughters were first place in their cooking sections and also received champion trophies as the best cooking exhibits for their age groups. Grace was also an overall champion in needlework.
In the gardening section, Hope won out over her sister in both sections in the junior competition but Grace was the winner in the open marigolds. I was second and Hope was third. It was a pity that more people didn't enter this year.

On the garden front, we are winding down the summer garden and harvested this Moon and Stars watermelon on the weekend. It was more stars and no moon but it was a nice heavy melon which some of us enjoyed with the rest being fed to the ducks as a treat. If you have seen ducks eating watermelon, you will know what I mean.


Linda said...

When I was little these things were done at the Red Cross flower show where I lived. I enjoyed floral saucer and baking scones the best.

My 13 year old daughter wanted to bake this year. I will have to try harder to help out with the organisation of it next year. It always seems to sneak up on me.

We have entered needlework before, I think that was my favourite, my eldest daughter entered.

I am so glad your daughters' baking efforts were recognised!

I have considered buying the moon and stars. I haven't seen ducks eating watermelons. My Mum had ducks when I was little, but the watermelons were grown in the tobacco paddock, sometimes they were eaten on the way back from the paddock with the leaves.

Marigolds are a favourite of mine as it too reminds me of Mum's garden on the farm. Your girls will have lots of happy memories.

Paola said...

Congratulations on your show successes!
Yes, our ducks LOVE watermelon and it really is a hoot to watch them eat. It's like watching a video on fast forward!

Tracie said...

Hi Tracy,
Congratulations on your show wins, I was going to enter something in the Royal easter show this year but never got around to it. maybe next year.


Vickie said...

way to go Tracy..congrats on your wonderful parenting skills that have nutured your children so well,cheers Vickie