Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Lot of Weeding

A lot of weeding, that is the disadvantage of having a larger garden. There is a lot of lawn to be mowed too.

I have been tidying up the herb garden during the last few days. There are a few patches that are bare patches now as I culled a few plants which had become woody and too untidy.

The herb garden measures 8 metres (26 feet) by 10 metres(33 feet) and has a path of white scoria. The path is underlayed with weed mat which does go some way to preventing weeds coming up but there are still the odd few to remove. As it is school holiday time and the weather has been beautiful outdoors, the exercise in the garden has been all pleasure.

As a reward for my efforts, I am going to go into town this afternoon and buy a few plants to pop in the empty spots. I think I will try something with a little colour.



africanaussie said...

AA Milne wrote: weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.....

thenewstead6 said...

Ooo a herb garden! I've always wanted one of those. At the moment I've got rosemary in the garden, and mint, chives, coriander and thyme in pots. What do you grow?