Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Beautiful Day

The weather here today is beautiful. The temperature is in the low teens, it is raining and there is some mist and low level cloud. My favourite kind of weather. Once the morning outside chores of feeding the poultry and checking the rain gauge were done, we were able to stay inside close to the fire. I have been perusing the catalogue from Heritage Fruit Trees too to buy some replacement apple trees for the ones lost to the grasshoppers last spring/summer. I am ever hopeful especially inthe garden and am willing to try again after a set back. I just love some of the names of the old type of apple trees and may even choose some based on their name alone.
I did pop down to the vegetable garden during a break in the showers. The asparagus is ready to go to bed for the winter. Although the vegetable garden isn't providing as much for the kitchen as it was even a month ago, there is still enough for us. The variety is just limited. We have plenty of rocket, turnip, lettuce, swiss chard, kohl rabi and still capsicums and chillies. The flavour of the month here is kohl rabi, delicious.

Thanks you for the comments about yesterdays post. The cakes definitely had too much baking soda as they tasted quite metallic. Puss isn't apologetic at all about using the dining table but wanted to say hello anyway.

I'm off to town this afternoon for Grace's violin lesson although it will be hard to leave home.

Bye for now,


Blore said...

They are my favourite days as well, I hope you got to do a bit of cross stitching and drank a cuppa or two - now that's a perfect day!

Coffee Queen said...

What a wonderful view you have. I love your cat. He's really cute. =)