Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cooking Lessons

Grace, my eldest daughter is 12 and has always loved being in the kitchen. She has been a state finalist in CWA cooking competitions for the 8 years and under section and now she is learning cooking as part of our homeschool curriculum.

When I was at school and learnt cooking in it's guise of home science, we cooked things that were easy and even then somewhat outdated. Definitely not the type of thing that you would sit down together as a family and enjoy. Ofcourse we are covering the aspects of nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet but we also looking at using seasonal and local ingredients too. Everything she has prepared so far has used some ingredients we have grown ourselves.

Monday night is Grace's night in the kitchen and this week she prepared the Beef Stroganoff with parsley and black pepper fettuccine. We picked up the free recipe card from the supermarket and she made it all by herself. The recipe is from the television program Masterchef and although we don't watch the show, we enjoyed the meal.

It is also a bonus that I can have some help in the kitchen from someone who can cook well and enjoys doing it.


Tracie said...

Hi Tracy,

Tell Grace the Beef Strog looks great. Good effort. It's so great to have help in the kitchen.


Paola said...

Well done to your daughter - this dish looks yummy. It was only last night that I was suggesting to my resident 12 year old (son, in my case) that it was probably time he learn to cook!

Linda said...

Yes, my boys cooked a little, probably had some cooking classes at school. They have to cook for themselves now.

I think masterchef recipes are on the site now, I noticed something about it this week.

I have been thinking about my own cooking classes at school lately. We had to cook for invalids and learn about it one day. I was wondering if it was outdated too. I know my daughter who is 13 is enjoying her classes at school and the teacher finds some lovely recipes. Though there may be two teachers, the other one finds recipes for the kids to do their restaurant for their tafe course.

Out Back said...

Looks like your daughter is going to be a good cook, her meal looks delicious. Children love to cook and they tend to eat the food if they have made it themselves.

We haven't had beef stroganoff for a while so might add that to my menu list.