Friday, June 4, 2010

I bought eggs

This is the egg tray I use to store my eggs. All I have left are two eggs, one duck egg and one chicken egg. The chickens are 'off the lay' because of the weather, age, or for whatever reason happy, well-fed chickens decide to not give back. I don't begrudge them a rest. what I do not like though is having to buy eggs. I don't do it very often and I am always surprised when I have to.

On Tuesday morning I bought a dozen eggs at the greengrocers. Their range isn't huge unlike the supermarket, and the only choice for eggs produced with chicken welfare in mind were these. They were $5.49 for a dozen. I'm glad I don't have to buy those every week. Although I choose to buy the more expensive eggs which I hope are true to their word and are from free range chickens, I can understand and accept the plight of those who are not in a position to make that choice and buy the 2 dozen eggs for $4.oo.
I don't think there is a discernible difference in taste of shop bought eggs and homegrown eggs. There are definitely differences in the appearance. Shop bought eggs never come with feathers and other matter attached and they are never still warm like a fresh laid egg.
The last time I went to buy poultry feed, I went to a different store. The owner of the store didn't stock the laying mash I usually buy but I figured chook food is chook food. He even said his was better. After the bag was emptied into the feed hopper, I read the ingredient list and it contained pigments for the yolk. Although they were stated to be natural, I don't think I will buy that brand again. i guess it pays to be careful not just with what we feed ourselves, but also with what we feed to the animals that feed us.


Jessica said...

I just read your good post about Turmeric on KGI & clicked on your profile & blog. Nutrients in poultry eggs vary with what the chickens eat. Free-range chickens with grass pasture are tops, especially for Omega 3 fatty acids. For colorful yolks, you might want to experiment with adding some Termeric to their food/mash - at least the powder i buy colors everything it touches. And Turmeric is so effective maintaining or lowering a stable blood-sugar level, as described in the book Green Pharmacy by Dr. James Duke. Another natural egg yolk colorant might be Orange Calendula petals, which I dry to add to herb tea mixes & tint pale soup broths. I loved reading about your robust gardening practices. Regards, Jessica Still @ KGI

Patti~~~ said...

What a lovely blog you've created, Tracy. I so enjoyed reading all the little "tid-bits" about your life in Australia. Thank you for sharing. I'll be a regular visitor, now, and I look forward to reading more.

Blessings to you all the way from California~~~


Coffee Queen said...

I usually buy my eggs from a friend who has some chickens, so save my egg boxes for him lol. I don't like buying the 'cheap' eggs from the supermarkets cos I feel sorry for those battery hens. If I do, I buy the free-range eggs, but it's rarely I need to buy eggs from Supermarkets anyway.

I enjoyed reading your post. =) Happy Blogging!

Paola said...

Tracy, my chooks have gone into their winter hiatus too, and I am buying eggs too. Not happy. Last year the chooks started laying again in early July, although being a year older they may take longer holidays this year.