Thursday, June 3, 2010

While it rains

On Tuesday we had mild, sunny day until it started raining again in the late afternoon. We do need some fine weather now even if it for nothing else but to let the poultry pens dry out. The chooks especially don't like it too wet. The ducks and turkeys really seem too silly to care either way.
I have kept up with my knitting while watching a little bit of River Cottage on DVD. I chose to start from the beginning and have watched all of Escape to River Cottage. I watched A Cook on the Wild Side during the Christmas holiday period. Unfortunately yesterday, there was a minor mishap in my knitting bag and one sock came off the set of four needles and it was too difficult to pick up the stitches so it is back to the beginning. Aargh.

I did a bit of sewing too. I had a couple of blocks to make for a swap on my yahoo quilting group. Two twelve inch blocks in bright colours were required so I chose an easy Nine Patch design and the brightest orange I could find in my fabric box. Sewing is great rainy day fun.


Paola said...

I'm hearing you about the poor old chooks. We've had a day or two of sun, and it's just started raining again....

Tracie said...

Hi Tracy,
Thanks for visiting the other day, My chooks decided to stay in bed this morning, I really don't blame them it is so wet here. I suppose we shouldn't complain to loudly.


Linda said...

That is my next post, a pic of a kit my daughter received from her Grandma yesterday. We don't exactly know what to do with the cutter etc.