Thursday, July 1, 2010

While the pasta is resting...

I will write a quick post. Yesterdays day off 'work' didn't see too much done. I took a stroll up to the front gate and decided that I would really like a sign that is a little nicer than my faded hand painted sign on wood from my sister's old shelf.
A visit to the fruit tress and being thankful for the effort of caging all of the trees. The rabbit activity is evident everywhere. We definitely have to be more proactive in our rabbit control.
I decided to have weeds for dinner. Luckily I have some willing farmhands who don't mind risking a sting or too. The girls really are daredevils. If you look closely, they are both wearing thongs (flip flops) even though they are amongst the nettles and the ponds and puddles were still frozen over at this stage.

They managed to gather a good basket full and we had some lovely nettle soup ready for a post hockey supper. I will spare you a picture of another soup which delicious as it may be is probably best eaten with your eyes closed.
Tonights pasta should be ready to roll now.
Take care,

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Blore said...

The 'Sunny Corner' sign adds to the charm of your rustic property, you can't get a new one just yet!!!