Thursday, June 17, 2010

Winter flowers

In my winter garden, there isn't too much in flower presently. What is in flower though is lovely. The tiny little violets that can scent a whole room with just a tiny posy.

The jonquils are just starting to open up. I think they are a great bulb. They never fail to come back up year after year and have a very spring fragrance although the weather is cold.

Last July, I started exteding the front garden bed and path from the herb garden. For no reasons other than laziness and a lack of motivation, I did no more to it until Monday. Nearly a whole year with a garden bed that was more in my mind than in reality. A few hours work (with the help of my son) and it is almost ready to be planted out. I'm a bit ashamed of myself really for dilly dallying so long.


Paola said...

I love the violets too.

Linda said...

The last two beds we made at the new house took a very long time each. We haven't finished planting out the second one. They have been well worth it though.

I like wintersweet, it is like a tree. It is not here, I will have to go visit it on the school holidays and pick some to smell in the kitchen.