Sunday, August 1, 2010

Letting Go

The time came this week to say goodbye to my old sewing machine. I was surprised after I listed it on Freecycle that I actually felt an emotional attachment to a sewing machine. I shouldn't have been surprised by the sentiments. I have been hanging on to the machine without using it for about 4 years since I got my new machine.

Anyway, off it has gone to a new home where I hope it can be enjoyed or at least used. It was a great machine. It is strong and heavy together we had a dolls clothes business back when I was at university, we made my daughter's christening gowns, lots of dresses and bags and quilt blocks. It wasn't always a rosy relationship. The machine would stop zig zagging, it wouldn't make button holes anymore and would often jam mid- seam.

I have been missing for a while whilst we made a big decision. My girls are going to start going to school. They both want to be in a school environment and for us home schooling was never a rejection of regular school. So with feelings of great excitement for Grace and Hope and mixed emotions for me, they start on Monday morning.



Out Back said...

Wishing your girls the best of luck in their new school environment, I am sure they will be fine. You will miss them...

I have a sewing machine like yours out in the family room. I think I may give it to my daughter that wants to learn to sew. I purchased a new one a couple of years ago, that and an over-locker that I find I never use either.


belinda said...

I hope your girls find what they are looking for at school, if not I am sure that the option to come home will continue to be there.

Kind Regards

Vickie said...

I can understand the felt attachment to the sewing machine,and I hope to that the person who took it gets many pleasurable hours of sewing ...Wow with the girls going back to mainstream school-I'm sure the routine will fall back into place evenly for you ..I hope tomorrow morning your heart is not to heavy when they set off to school,will be thinking of you, cheers Vickie

Paola said...

A big decision, good luck to you and your girls. BTW, I love your daughters' names.

Melissa van Boekhout said...

AAh big decisions. I hope it all goes well.