Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to Basics- Week 1

On my old, now defunct Sunny Corner farm blog, I participated in Belinda's Back-toBasics Challenge. It was a good way to record things in a succint format and also a nice way to find out what other food growers were doing. I have decided to join in again on this blog to keep me on track . I think it is the spring promise in the air that has planting, growing and gardening at the forefront of my thoughts.

My messy seed storage box

Sowing Seed or planting:

  • Cranberry red potatoes

Planning for the future:

  • ordering new dahlia bulbs
  • deciding which seeds to plant for this spring
  • deciding which lambs to sell and which to keep this year

Working for the future:

  • sorting and reorganising seed box
  • weeding vegetable garden in preparation for new plants/seeds

Building Community

  • working on my dishcloth swap for Jodie's swap

Learn a new skill

  • nothing new in the past week that I can think of.


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