Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to Basics Week 2

I think I am a bit tardy in posting week 2 but here goes anyway.

Sowing and Planting:

  • tomatoes- lots of varieties
  • chillies- paprika, tepin, habanero, jalapeno, black pearl, tabasco, siam
  • capsicum
  • eggplant- rosita, udumalapet, Thai green, black bounty
  • rosella
  • tomatillo
  • globe artichokes


  • 3 silver birch trees
  • 2 black currants
  • 1 thornless blackberry
  • 1 raspberry- Digger's gold
  • 1 blueberry-O'Neil
  • 1 jostaberry
  • 10 heritage apple trees- Beauty of Bath, Bramley's Seedling, Improved Foxwhelp, Sugar Loaf Pippin, Pomme de Neige' Irish Peach, Geeveston Fanny, Lord Lambourne, Worcester Permain, Keswick Codlin


Broccoli, asparagus, snow peas,herbs, cauliflower, lettuce, flowers.

Planning for the future:

Organising our holiday. Planning accommodation and pet and livestock care.

Working for the future:

  • weeded the orchard
  • mowing
  • bought paint for house exterior (when the weather is fine again)

New Skill:

Patience when navigating the confusing world of booking holiday accommodation.


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Linda said...

I think I use checkin the website and it seems to work well. Not sure if that was helpful, but thought I would mention it.

Enjoy your house paint!