Monday, September 20, 2010


Today was my birthday. The only thing that would have made the day better would have been if the kids were home all day to share in the fun.A nice morning walk started the day. Tim and I hiked to the top of the local lookout and enjoyed the view.

We had a short rest before heading back home. Thank goodness I wore the sunglasses to mask the crowsfeet.

I received some lovely gift. From some of the ladies in my yahoo quilting group I received some lovely log cabin blocks. The gift above was not actually for my birthday but for the dishcloth swap on Jodie's blog but it arrived just in time for my birthday so it was just like a birthday present. Thanks to Janice, the dishcloths are lovely, the soap smells divine and who wouldn't love nasturtium and basil seeds?
Tomorrow I will be back to post my Back to Basics post, lots of planting has been happening here.


Janice said...

I'm glad you received your cloths on your birthday. Enjoy.

Vickie said...

Glad you had a lovely day Tracy..sounded serne reading it,cheers Vickie

Out Back said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tracy, hope you had a most enjoyable day.