Friday, September 3, 2010

Spring weather, Spring dessert

The weather had taken a decidely spring-like feel but today has reverted back to wintery winds in preparation for some more predicted rain. I am at the point with the rain that I have to remind myself not to complain because it will be summer soon enough and we will be in need of a shower or two.
The mower has been in action for the first time since autumn because rain + balmy spring days makes for lots of grass (and weed) growth.

Back in May, I was thrilled with my son's Mother's Day gift to me. A Blood Orange tree. It may be many moons before I have any fruit off it but the lure of Blood Orange Sorbet makes the wait worthwhile. My usual sorbet recipe was in a folder so through sheer laziness, I looked on the internet instead. I'm glad I did. David Lebovitz's recipe is so simple, just a combination of sugar, juice and the ice cream churn.

Blood oranges are so juicy that there is very little waste. The pulp that gets through the juicer doesn't even need to be strained so it is about as healthy as a sugary, juice concoction can be.

The colour alone is irresistible. It is a pity the kids love it too because sometimes you just don't want to share.

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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I don't like to share either! Especilly when I get my 6 hungry chicklets with their mouths open waiting for bites. It's so funny. I feel like a mother bird!

Blood oranges sound divine, since I'm not into pulp.

Thanks for your advice on the vegamite. We just dipped our fingers in. I did try to spread mine on a tortilla.