Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cheese Cauliflower

Cheese Cauliflower
In between trips to town this weekend for cricket and rural fire service training for my son, I managed to squeeze in some time in the yard. Just enough time to pick a cauliflower that was begging to be used. I wanted a quick dinner so I decided to make a version of Cauliflower Cheese similar to that made by Tim Maddams on the River Cottage series.
It was tasty and simple, just cauliflower cooked in milk with a bay leaf and then blended when tender to make a cauliflower sauce for the crumbed and fried cheese. Not something that you would eat everyday but nice for a treat when you have too much cheese or too much cauliflower.

Camembert in brine

I used Camembert cheese but unfortunately my four camemberts still have a couple of weeks to go before they will be ready to eat.


Vickie said...

oh yummo Tracy..and hey I so want to jump through th emonitor and snaffle that camebert hmmmm love it,cheeers Vickie

Christy said...

How lovely to be able to make your own camembert cheese. Looks great.

Lil Bit Brit