Friday, October 22, 2010

Garden Geek

Today I went to town to visit the hairdresser. I like having my hair shampooed and conditioned by someone else but I really hate sitting in the chair with my reflection for company. Unfortunately it takes a little longer than the fifteen minutes it takes to actually trim my hair. I am at a point where I just want to have my natural colour (which I would describe as mousy brown but apparently is a lovely auburn) shining through without any silver highlights. So I spent a bit of time reading and waiting to look like me.

The hairdresser is a good conversationalist, I have found that most of them are, but what on earth would make her start talking to me about gardening. In particular, she told me about her vegetable garden. I think that I must have a garden geek aura or maybe I just had dirt under my fingernails.

Hope and I enjoyed the garden at a local park yesterday.

I also picked up a few library books that were waiting on the reserve shelf for me. I was so taken with Sew it,Stuff it by Rob Merrett that I have already started a project or two. If you like making soft toys or cute dolls, this is really a great book. I'm going to take my stitching to cricket tomorrow to pass the time between overs.



Christy said...

Thank you for visiting me and your encouraging comments.

I always like to visit with you Tracy and keep up with your life on the farm.

I'll have a go at growing artichokes next year.


Paola said...

My mum completed many jumpers ferrying my youngest brother to cricket matches for years. My own kids are swimmers. I usually take something to do at carnivals, but I get roped into timekeeping which means nothing much gets done.