Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home appreciation

After a 1794km (1115mile) round trip, we are home again. I for one am extremely happy to be back. I always look forward to going away but when the time actually comes and I am away on holiday, I want to go home. I find holidays to be a bit tiring and not the relaxing break that they are supposed to be. This time I also came home with a cold as a souvenir.We covered a fair bit of ground this trip. We headed west to Lightning Ridge first and it was vastly different to our local region.
There were emu for a start and the journey was through some very flat countryside. The main focus of the tow is opal mining and fossicking. I'm sure more goes on in Lighning Ridge but as a tourist, it was all that there seemed to be. Opal mining and the Artesian bore baths. The weather was much warmer too. I resorted to the air conditioner at night because we are used to chilly nights.

The next stop over was at Glen Innes which is only a few hours from home but on the tablelands rather than in a valley like home. This is the view from Raspberry Lookout on the Gwydir Highway between Glen Innes and Grafton. It was lovely. We had this view all to ourselves and even someone as scared of heights as me could appreciate the beauty (just not too close to the edge).

From the lunar like landscape of the opal mines and then the cool mountain climate, we headed to the coast. The girls always like to include a dip in the beach on a holiday. The water was too cold for most but the girls are immune to cold water and headed right in. The surf was calm and clear but very chilly.
Now I am home and starting to shake the cold, I am happy. For me, coming home is the best part of the holiday.

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