Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poultry Futures

There are four nests in the poultry pens which have broody mothers attending to them at the moment. The above nest is Marie's. She is a laced Wyandotte and was hungry enough to leave the eggs for a little while so I could take a picture. These should hatch out in a about two and a half weeks.
Mother turkey, Vickie, is a well seasoned mother and rarely leaves her nest once she is sitting tight. She might have a stretch and a nature call when they are let out to range but other than that, she stays well and truly planted on her nest. I'm not sure how many eggs she has under her and I am not game to find out. Turkey eggs take about 27 days to incubate so we will be expecting these to hatch sometime around 25th October.

The Pekin mother who is nameless because I really just can't tell them apart, is sitting on 17 eggs. I'm hoping we get some chicks from this lot of eggs as last year we had no success with the pekins. It might be time for a new rooster. These should hatch next week sometime or maybe a little later.
The fourth nest belongs to the Sebrights. They are my son's chickens and they are the craziest, flightiest chickens we have ever had. I don't care for them much at all.
Just waiting for the ducks to sit and we will have a farm full of cuteness.
I am off to town today after a much loved absence. The cupboards are however quite bare and the girls have their music lessons so there is no choice.


Blore said...

Ted and I borrowed a book from the library about different chooks yesterday. He is excited to see some of you babies at Christmas time, especially the turkeys!

Tim said...

If only half of those eggs hatch you will have a yard full of spring fever, it should be nice.

Vickie said...

mother "Turkey Vickie" eh..well I never heard a turkey called Vickie before must be one special turkey..will be so cute to see the pics of all the chicks when they are hatched,cheers Vickie.