Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some sewing

I haven't taken much time for sewing recently but today I set the machine up to make a bag for a swap on the yahoo group I am in. It made me realise how much I have been missing creating things in fabric and just being creative generally. I have been focusing on the day-to-day and not taking the time to nurture the parts of my life that are for enjoyment. Mind you, I do enjoy cooking, farming, gardening and even cleaning(at times) but they are must do chores. Having said all that, I am about to log off the computer and fire up the sewing machine. Daylight savings has made me feel an hour younger in the night so I can stitch a while longer without being tired.

P.S. Keep your eyes on the mailbox, Ted, your apron will arrive soon.


Vickie said...

loverly bag Tracy..nice fabric just like my bag and I love it and use it often, ohyes good to hear oyu are back into the me-sewing time it is very relaxing...cheers Vickie

Blore said...

Looking forward to the Apron. Wondering if you can make Ted's mum a new skirt if I buy the pattern.

I also enjoy feeling an hour younger in the night, but I feel 2 hours older in the morning!