Thursday, October 21, 2010


This morning when I checked my emails etc, it was very tempting to spend a bit more time than I should on the internet reading blogs. I did take a little time with a cuppa to look around some new to me blogs and some old ones too. Then I thought that was enough of the vicarious gardening and outside I went.
The Cranberry Red potatoes had a touch of frost damage over the weekend when the temperatures dropped back down to wintery chill. They are quite healthy though so I don't think it will cause a problem. Maybe it will just toughen them up a bit.

The globe artichoke is a gorgeous plant but I have made the decision that it has no place in my vegetable garden. It just takes up too much room. I have three newer artichoke plants to put in the garden and they are definitely heading for the herb and flower gardens.

I do have a few flowers peppered throughout the vegetable garden just for their beauty. The freesias are offering the most delicious scent right now. I planted out six dahlias today at the ends of the bean frames. I still have at least 100 dahlia tubers to plant out but they can wait until tomorrow. My daughter Grace is growing her own dahlia, Tiger Bey this year in an attempt to take on the competition at next years local show.

I had some followers today hopingI had something they might like to eat because grass can get a bit boring day in and day out. They actually helped clean up the last of the broccoli plants (from outside the garden fence) so there is now another bed ready for summer planting.


africanaussie said...

Ooooh your sheep are so pretty! oh and your plants too!

belinda said...


I personally decided that artichokes had no place in a veggie patch 2 seasons ago. At least at my place they are truly a snail hotel.

Kind Regards