Thursday, October 28, 2010


Monday and Tuesday of this week found me feeling very world-weary. I was wondering why I felt a distinct lack of energy.I wondered if I was getting sick or maybe not getting enough sleep? By Wednesday, though I think I had it worked out. I had been 'on the go' too much. My thoughts had been scattered wondering how I would get all the things done that I should. On Wednesday, I just stayed at home. It felt like a luxury and it didn't dawn on me until late in the day that I had actually achieved a lot without any sense of tiredness. I was doing what I wanted and my thoughts were where they should have been. Not worrying about the things to do that don't matter.
That isn't a push-me-pull-you in the background, just two ewes back-to-back.
The gardens have seen a lot of rain recently and the weeds have been enjoying the warmth of the spring sunshine (when it comes out). So, after getting a batch of cheese started and making a very sweet birthday cake, I worked in the herb garden.All I had to do in the garden beds was lay some mulch. It is amazing how spreading a bit of hay around really adds some definition to the garden and makes it look loved. It also shows up the gaps where some new plants can be placed.
The garden beds were fairly easy to tend to but the path is looking decidedly neglected. These paths do have weed mat underneath but the weeds always seem to find a way.
I collected some lavender and Dutch iris for the table and all in all just had a good time outside in the sun just being me.

This is the cross stictch that I am working on at cricket. My daughter, Grace, gave me the kit and I will like the end result but I am trying ever so hard to make peace with the gold thread. It is a little bit difficult to work with but I'm nearly there.
Now I am going to head outside and take care of that path and hopefully next time you visit, I can take you for a visit to the herb garden without apologising for having a weedy pathway.

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Linda said...

Tracy I just love where you live, so country. I suppose I can relate to it.