Monday, November 15, 2010

An Afternoon in Town

As I posted yesterday, I did spend Sunday afternoon in town. I met up with my parents for afternoon tea at a new cafe. I have been there twice before and it has a lovely atmosphere as well as reasonable prices and a decent cup of tea or coffee. The building is lovely without even going inside. The last time I went into this building before it was a tea house, it was an op shop/ thrift store run by a church group. I liked it then too. The owners have transformed it and it has a lovely courtyard and garden out the back where it is a delight to sit and sip.
After a relaxing afternoon tea we spent a couple of hours enjoying classical music. The program was entertaining with a mixture of orchestral music, piano, a string quartet and a choir. Although my daughter's both play violin and Grace the piano as well, classical music is not my favourite genre. I did enjoy the break from my usual mix of country and 1980s treasures.

Since we started keeping bees, I have been more aware of bees in general. I often spot hives whereas before I probably would not have noticed them. When my son, Tom, did his first bout of fire fighting training two weeks ago, I noticed a hive in the carpark and it was still buzzing away busily on the weekend when he completed his training. It is a litle hard to tell but there are bees entering and exiting the small gap in the wood.

This hive is in this tree right in the middle of a carpark. It is less than a metre off the ground and the bees seem completely happy to be there. The tree doesn't seem to mind being in the middle of the asphalt either despite its rather tragic haircut.

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Out Back said...

Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon in town.

I am not a fan of classical music either and like you enjoy country and 70's and 80's music.

You can keep those bees though. I hope no one gets stung.

We spent a pleasant Sunday with my parents too. It was nice to catch up with them as we dont see each other as often as we should.

Have a great week,