Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back to Basic Week 8

Only a day late this week and I have an excuse. We had a heavy storm pass over yesterday which dumped 48mm of rain, blew a gail and had thunder and lightning too.
Sowing and Planting

  • 6 Hidcote lavenders
  • Westringia Winyabbie gem
  • 6 gypsophila
  • purple petunias
  • pink rosemary
  • African daisy
  • lobelia
  • 6 red carnations
  • Coleonema alba
  • lemon variegated thyme


  • flowers(roses in particular)
  • broad beans
  • cauliflower
  • herbs
  • lettuce
  • strawberries (they are just starting and so far none have made it out of the garden to the kitchen)
  • water (lots of rain)

  • looking at a course to start next year
  • refreshing the budget


  • spring cleaning
  • mulching
  • weeding
  • mowing


  • gave away a few things via Freecycle
  • 2 bags to charity

New skill

  • learner driver education. I really don't like doing this but my son needs to build up his driving hours.

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