Monday, November 22, 2010

Back to Basics Week 11

Thanks to Belinda, here is my Back to Basics post for the 11 th week. Time has really flown.

Sowing and Planting
There hasn't been very much sowing or planting this week at all. I did put in a few more dahlia tubers but that is about it. Very lazy this week.

  • lettuce
  • broad beans
  • strawberries
  • herbs
  • onions
  • flowers


  • deciding on whether to install a new kitchen or not. The quote for a new kitchen was $8030 which is apparently fairly reasonable.
  • writing lists and checking them twice


  • mowing
  • general sheep farm activities
  • finished mulching the entire orchard
  • house painting (This was Tim actually, I was busy mulching)
  • working on secret handmade gifts.

Lambs aren't the only new babies on the farm. We have one lonely turkey chick this year. I am hopeful that there is time for another clutch to hatch out because this little baby has a name and his/her destiny doesn't involve the freezer. I'm hoping it is a her.


  • Freecycled my old breadmaker


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