Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Colour is Back in Our Diet

Recently we have been mostly relying on the garden for our vegetable component of our meals. The odd bag of potatoes or carrots have been bought from the greengrocer but most days our meals are built around what we have growing rather than buying what we need/want to make a meal. This has meant we have had a decidedly green diet as far as vegetables go. Well, the colour drought is now over. We are picking a lot of strawberries and the mulberry tree is heavy with fruit at various degrees of ripeness and the first tomato came off the bush yesterday.

Eating from the garden and planning meals based on what is in season not just locally but right here on our property, means that we are eating it as fresh as can be and that we are saving money. It also makes the tastes you have been missing taste that much sweeter when they arrive. I am very much looking forward to the summer crops which we haven't had for so long.
Maintaining enough fruit in our diets from within our own boundary is a while off for us. Our trees and bushes do provide some but they are not mature enough to fulfil our daily quota. We are trying though.

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Tracy said...

Oh how I admire your garden accomplishment! I wish I had the time and inclination to be more productive and driven when it comes to the vegie garden. I am just now getting my head around the fact that my work/study load in the coming four years will be significant. And that perhaps vegies may have to wait a bit to receive the required share of attention.

Have a tomato for me, will you? That's what I'll miss most.