Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dining Out

Tom enjoying his slow-cooked rabbit
Sometimes we make the most of a situation like being stuck in town waiting for our daughter to arrive back from a whirlwind orchestra tour and go out for dinner in a real restaurant. There were only the two adults and the almost grown up so we went to the local French style restaurant.
Tim chose the confit duck. This was my favourite of the three meals. The braised red cabbage in particular was delicious.

My choice was chicken. It was nice but I'm not enamoured with fruit (raspberry sauce) and meat together. It is probably a reflection of my humble tastes rather than a reflection on the dish.

I love the presentation of restaurant fare. The plate isn't over-crowded with a healthy amount of vegetables and it is obvious that attention is paid to devouring with the eye before a bite has even been taken.

To keep a good thing going, I am going to a cafe for a treat this afternoon while waiting for the next leg of the orchestra concert tour. As I am still recovering from last nights rich meal, I think peppermint tea will be the order of the day.
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Damo said...

The food looks lovely. I know what you mean it can be a bit rich when you're not used to it.