Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Family History Workshop

My Great Grandmother
Today my local library hosted a workshop on indigenous family history. I went along because I enjoy history in general and exploring my family history in particular. Like a lot of Australians, I have a varied and rich family history featuring convicts and immigrants. I also have an indigenous famliy history via my paternal grandmother.
The State Library ran the workshop which focused on the services they offered and also other research tools. The afternoon was interesting and although I already knew about most of the resources available, it was good to meet some others who are interested in the same thing. It has also sparked my interest again to do a little more research.


Vickie said...

wow way kewl,glkad you met some like minded people..that is a gorgoeus photo,cheers Vickie

Christy said...

I too love history and genealogy. When I went back to England I got together with my cousin Geoff,who has done a whole family history on my mum's side, right back to 1600. He took me to all the villages and church yards etc. We had a fantastic day together.

Love the photo of your grandmother, such treasures.

Lil Bit Brit