Friday, November 12, 2010

First Tomato of the Season

This slightly anaemic offering was picked yesterday. It tasted delicious but that could have been more a mind-trick than an actual taste sensation.

I have no idea what type of tomato this is, it grew up over winter underneath my blood orange tree. It is most likely a garden hybrid and has the hybrid vigour which allowed it to survive our frosty winter. Hybrid or treasured heirloom variety, it is still our first tomato of the season and deserved a bit of special treatment. I simply sliced it up, served it with crackers and homemade Camembert. It was nice to have a hint of the summery things to come although the
tomatoes planted by me will be a little while yet before they have anything to offer.


belinda said...


My first tomato plants are only going in the ground this week. Even the self sowns in another bed are less than 10 cm high.

Best Wishes,

Paola said...

Congratulations on your first tomato, especially impressive as a self-sown.

Out Back said...

That's a beauty!

My tomatoes are growing in a pot this year while the garden has an overhaul (we are attempting to put in wicking beds, and it is turning out to be more complex than we had planned).

I am going to miss out on a decent vegie garden this year but it should be right to go for next season. In the meantime I will just enjoy all the vegies on other peoples blogs lol.

Ange said...

it might be pale, but it looks kind of ... muscular ...

Jelly Wares said...

Tracy, your first tomato looks amazing!!!
I love the shape, what was it like on the inside???

Jodie :)