Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lambs at Foot

This morning Brenda, the black sheep of our flock, decided it was the right time to deliver her twin lambs. They are ofcourse cute even though they have the speckly, not sure if I am black, grey, white or somewhere in between colouring of a suffolk cross sheep.

We have no first time mothers this year so I am quietly hopeful of a fuss free lambing season.
I am grateful that the lambs didn't start to arrive yesterday when the weather was so unwelcoming for a newborn.

Veering off in a totally different direction, I finished the crocheted milk jug cover last night just before closing my eyes for bed. I was determined to have it done and it is. I'm now going to start one in a different colour and different pattern. I like to use them when we have tea parties. They seem very quaint and old fashioned but add a nice touch to the table.


Bianca said...

welcome to the world little bubba.


Vickie said...

lammies are so cute and your jug cover is gorgeous well done,cheers Vickie

Damo said...

How cute? Good luck with the lambing season!

Christy said...

How lovely to have new born lambs. Did that breed originate in Suffolk, UK? That's where my sister lives and I know for centuries was the centre of a whole wool industry.

When I visit the UK we go to a car boot sale which is held every Sunday in the village of Woolpit.

Love the crochet jug covers, so Teatime.

Lil Bit Brit

Out Back said...

I love these type of sheep, my parents bred them for a little while when I was a youngster on the farm. The ram (named Rambo) kept visiting the neighbours, as we found out when all these pretty little coloured lambs mysteriously appeared! The neighbours weren't that impressed with their new black faced Marino's lol!

Love your jug cover, looks great.

Paola said...

Our lambs always seem to come on the worst days going...sigh. You've reminded me to remind my husband to move to the ram for a while so we can avoid the mid-winter deliveries