Thursday, November 4, 2010

A new quilt in the making

I have decided to follow along Christy's Fifty States Quilt. This week the featured block is Alabama and I will make it up over the weekend or maybe tomorrow if I have time.

Today it has been lovely outside. Just the right kind of day for toiling in the soil. Not too hot and not too cold, just right. I put an older picture up of one of one of my dahlias, Lemon Snow, because for one thing, that is what I was planting today, dahlia tubers and also because I have flat batteries in my camera.

I was unaware of how much I use the camera until the batteries went flat and now I know. I am at a loss. There have been so many little bits of every day life that I have wanted to preserve for posterity and all I can do is file them away in my mind where they will be lost. When digital cameras first came on to the scene, I was adamant that I wouldn't buy one but I relented and I am so glad I did. Digital photography takes away the need for economy with film and it so easy to delete the lesser quality images and even improve those that nbeed improving.

Hopefully Tim will be home from town tonight with fresh batteries and it will be allsystems go tomorrow.


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Christy said...

Good Morning Tracy,

Although it probably isn't morning where you are.

I'm so glad you like the 50 States Quilt Blocks.

Do send me an Email to -
and I will email you the pdf each week.

And have a Sunny day on the farm.


P.S. Pouring of rain here.