Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning- The lounge room

Yesterday as it was the first day of the last month of spring, I thought it was just about time to start spring cleaning. If I wait too much longer, it couldn't be called spring cleaning at all.

I always start in the lounge room because that is where out fireplace is. Having a fire is nice and cosy all winter long but it does mean more dust. Every week, things get the once over as far as dusting goes but once the fire is out for the season, I like to give everything a good going over. I may have been a little premature because this morning the temperatures were down in the single digits.
I had a little help from Hope tidying up the bookshelves. They were a tad overcrowded and we have all been gulity of shoving books back any which way rather than putting them away properly. Still, I am going to procure another bookshelf to make things a little easier.

For anyone who is interested, these are some other areas of our lounge room. I bought this old Singer sewing machine with some money I made from sewing a few years ago. It doesn't see anymore sewing but the treadle has been part of a few games involving trains. I finished the blue cross stitch in 1993 and it is still one of my favoutites.

This corner is next to the fire place so it does get very dusty. It is an old hutch which my sister gave me. It was storing a mish-mash of items but I am going to put my vases in there now so they are easier to reach and they might make a pretty display too. The sewing boxes on the left which I have bought over the years from op/thrift shops house all kinds of sewing notions.
Yesterday the lounge room, today the dining room.


Christy said...

We have an insert stove in our sitting room and it does make a lot of dust, but is very cozy in the winter. Plus it has the glass doors so we can see it burning.

Of course we're just going into our winter. 37f this morning.

Books are my nemesis too. Never enough space, because I say 'just one more.'

Lil Bit Brit

Paola said...

Hi Tracy, I've been thinking about spring cleaning too, especially as teaching work starts to dwindle towards the end of the year. I like the thought of sparke-arkle house, but I need a bit of a prod to get started!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

It's so funny that you are spring cleaning when I am feeling the need to fall clean! LOL! Thanks for you comment on my blog. You bless me!

Have a wonderful day!

joolzmac said...

Hi Tracy

I see you have a few cross stitches in your home - how about putting them up for display? It's been fun blog surfing all these lovely cross stitches,

Cheers - Joolz

joolzmac said...

I also see you are doing the 'Mother' teacup - this is one of my UFO's - and yes, that gold thread will be a bugger to stitch! I may just start that one up this afternoon...