Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bits and Pieces.

Whilst in town for an end of year violin concert, I ventured into the greengrocers. I was surprised to see little plastic containers of flowers. There were nasturtiums, pansies, snapdragons, marigolds,fuschias and perhaps a couple of others.

Each little punnet was selling for around the $6.99 mark. If the punnets had 100 grams I would have been surprised which makes flowers at the fruit shop about $70 per kilo.
I've never tried eating snapdragons or fuschia but I will give them a go next time we eat something appropriate to accompany them. Obviously though I am missing out on a gastronomic delight if price is anything to go by. I think however the flowers most likely end up as garnish or as a point of interest in a salad and even then they are quite often left uneaten.

One thing I won't miss out on is strawberries. We are having our second flush from our strawberry plants. The fruits are much bigger than those from a few weeks ago but every bit as tasty and lush. To date I am still waiting for enough of a glut to make some jam. I'm not hopeful of that happening, the adults here are the most guilty of eating the berries before they make it inside.

Our last lamb for the year was born today. Exactly one month after the first for the year. A cute little cross-bred ewe who has been nicknamed Tiny because she is so.


Sharon said...

Woohoo expensive flowers! Love your photos especially that yummy looking strawberry and the gorgeous Tiny. Makes me wish i had sheep... one day...

Out Back said...

Love these photos Tracy.

Janice said...

It's amazing what gastronomical delights are hiding in your garden. Who needs expensive greengrocers. Your latest baby is gorgeous.

Vickie said...

oh me yes they would be expensive flowers...oh just love the strawberry so jealous..what a cutie lambie is,cheers Vickie