Friday, December 17, 2010

Feeling Rich

I'm feeling rich. not in a financial sense but my life is feeling full and happy. The kids are at home for the school holidays, Tim has managed to secure the day off work on Christmas Day and things in general are going smoothly. Tiny the newest little lamb is very cute. She has a big voice and will be frolicking with her older siblings soon.
She is only ten days younger than her brother but he is big and she is well...tiny.

I'm also feeling rich because we have an abundance in the garden. The whole meal can be provided from our own produce. Last night I dug some of the Cranberry Red potatoes which make the sweetest pink -tinged mash.

As a treat we even had dessert. A bit slap-dash but chocolate dipped strawberries. The best part is that the biggest eater, Tom, doesn't like strawberries so there was more to go around. There are still plenty in the garden and the peach tree has just started to ripen, yum.


Janice said...

It looks like you have a king's ransom. It must be so satisfying using all your own produce. I was exceedingly slack this year and didn't get my spring vege planting in. However, the raspberries and boysonberries are fruiting beautifully at the moment. The boysonberries were just left to their own devises last summer, no fruit and so dry, but we will have our best crop ever this year. Yummo! Our fruit trees are doing really well too, plums, nashi, apples and pears a plenty (if the birds don't get them).

BubzRugz said...

Your vegies look scrumptious.... I know home grown tastes so much better...

Paola said...

Wow that haul looks impressive, not to mention delicious. Isn't it great when you look at your plate and can say you grew everything on it?

Lisa said...

Sounds lovely.