Saturday, December 11, 2010

Going Nowhere

Last night Grace was supposed to play violin in the orchestra(hence her all black garb) at a church carols service. We made it 15km down the road when we could go no further, the road had been cut by flood waters. This stretch opened up today but 10km further down the main road, it was still shut. Despite the disappointment of the missed carols service, it was nice to go nowhere.
We have been having real treats from the vegetable garden. Baby vegetables. The carrots are really just the result of thinning but they are big enough to eat and very easy to pull with the ground so moist. The beans are babies too and the first I have picked so far this season. Ideally they would have been a little larger but I'm an impatient gardener.
Now, back to the sewing, knitting and my current crafty fad, the very twee crocheted milk jug cover. I'm carrying my little craft bag everywhere and crocheting every chance I get.


Janice said...

How disappointing to miss the concert. I hope the waters recede quickly. Things have settled down here which is good. Your baby veges look lovely. The start of many to come I hope. Can't wait to see your jug cover. I made one yonks ago and really enjoyed the process.

Paola said...

It'd pretty wet on the coast, but you really seem to be copping it! Hope it settles down soon for you all. Still, it's nice to do nothing.
I've just started crocheting too, for the first time since I was 13! Just simple dishcloths, easy to stick in my handbag and work on while waiting for children at their various activities.