Sunday, December 5, 2010

Plaiting and patchwork

I have had a lovely weekend at home. With cricket cancelled yesterday and Tim on his four days off from work, it meant we were all home together for the whole weekend with nowhere to go and it was such a treat. Everyone had their own little projects going on but we were together. Grace is origami crazy right now and Hope spends her spare time beading. Tom is having a couple of weeks of lighter study before really cracking down for his last year of high school in 2011. Tim spent most of the weekend feeling poorly with his ear but is hopefully getting better now just in time to go back to work on Tuesday. I made a few things. One was the Joy Quiltlet above.

I have made this pattern quite a few times now and it really is quick to make up and ever so sweet. This one is off to a lovely lady in Queensland as part of a Christmas swap. I'm still working on a few Christmas gifts for family members and as they read this blog(but lurk behind the scenes and never comment), I won't show them until after the 25th.
This afternoon I have been plaiting garlic. I still have about 150 bulbs of garlic to go. I don't know if I do it properly but it works for me. I just plait them up like a French braid, adding a new bulb with each plait. They hang in the laundry which doesn't have a window and in the past, have lasted about 8 months before sprouting. We love garlic and go through at least a bulb every week.


Sharon said...

I haven't had a go at patchwork yet, but really want to, your quiltlet looks reasonably easy for a beginner like me. Will have to have a go. Your garlic looks good, i haven't harvested mine yet, although i am only going to have a small amount. Need to plant more in future.

Bianca said...

yuuuum!!Look at that beautiful garlic!! Its really hard to come by Australian garlic here in Brissy at the moment for some reason -well at an affordable price anyway. Its really sad when the fumigated nasty imports are less than 1/4 the cost of the local produce.


Janice said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend. Like you, we really value a weekend at home with nothing planned. They are so rare. Your plaited garlic looks great. It must be wonderful to have fresh homegrown garlic at hand.