Thursday, December 2, 2010


The Christmas tree lights that I wrote about yesterday are up on the tree. They are fragile as I mentioned and each year I am always a little nervous about turning them on. Maybe they aren't the safest option. This year I will have them tested to make sure they are ok from a safety standpoint. One thing is for sure, I can't replace the bulbs.

I have never seen bulbs like these ones in the shops. The string of lights feature a snowman, kewpie doll, the scary clown pictured above, humpty dumpty, some birds and candles. I have looked around a little online and found some similar bulbs and I was shocked at the price. I don't think I should have these lights anywhere near the tree that the cat likes to play in.

On to the title of the post. Waterlogged. That is what my young nectarine trees are. They are dropping leaves and looking poorly to say the least. Last year they were planted out in the winter and had to deal with scorching temperatures, dust storms, hot winds and locust once spring and summer arrived. This year, the soil is sodden and causing them to turn up their toes.

The ground just can't handle anymore water so it is not draining away. I am going back outside now in between showers to dig a small drainage trench in hopes of moving some of the water away from the roots.
Then tonight is day two of our advent activities. We are going to the community Christmas tree lighting after orchestra rehearsal.


Sharon said...

The photo of your nectarine tree looks like one of mine. Only thing is mine is not waterlogged, not sure what the problem is probably the exact opposite - way to dry. It is strange how mother nature works, all over the east coast you are all getting so much rain and over here it just doesn't want to rain! I love your christmas lights, it makes them extra special when they are handed down in the family. Good luck with digging your trenches, hope it works.

Janice said...

Your Christmas lights are just too cute. No wonder you treat them carefully.
I think we have all had enough of the rain around here, although I don't think we have had as much as you. Hopefully your trees will bounce back.

joolzmac said...

Australia's weather has gone crazy! We haven't had much rain but its really muggy. Hope your garden doesn't have too much damage from too much water. Who would think we'd be cursing the rain in December?


belinda said...

Ouch...we are seeing the first retained water in our swales this year but thankfully even with this prodigious amount of rain there is no where but my front foyer for it to build up.