Saturday, December 10, 2011

Party time again

This time we celebrated Hope's birthday with her school friends. Her actual birthday is on December 25 so not a good day for a party with friends but as school finished up on Thursday we had a small party in town. A couple of hours playing and then a pizza picnic in the park with ice cream cake for dessert. Hope had a great time with her friends and Tim and I had a quiet afternoon tea together while they played.

After the guests went home I took the opportunity to snap a picture of Tom, Grace and Hope in front of the agapanthus at the park. It is such a lovely park which is really underutilised and never busy.

No more new lambs as yet but the little ones that are already here are starting to find their feet and will soon be too quick to catch. The little one in the picture above has one thing on her mind and while mum was resting decided to make the most of the opportunity...

for an easy drink.



Lisa said...

All your lambs are cute - the human ones as well as the sheep.

Phoebe said...

What a lovely family! Sounds like you had a nice time!

The lambs are so cute!!!