Thursday, January 12, 2012

Out the back

I just had to share a picture from the back verandah I took today. The weather today is just glorious with the valley looking lush, not a cloud in the sky and the mountains a haze of green. I'm very glad to be here today and everyday really. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but it is just right for me and mine.

I am currently overhauling our budget to accommodate Tom's upkeep in Sydney. Trying to tweek the numbers only to find that there are not many areas in the expenditure column that can be tweeked.He will contribute too, hopefully transferring his part-time position to a store in Sydney. His main focus of course has to be his studies and I am very much looking forward to having a vet in the family. It will all work out though. I do like saving a dollar or two and the next few years will be a challenge that I think I will enjoy. When we moved here 13 years ago, we paid cash for our property which left us with a grand sum of $50 in our bank until pay day. it might not have been the wisest move but thankfully no emergency came up then and we have enjoyed being debt free since. Now we are ready to head back into the real estate market and have a mortgage again( which we will try to pay off as quickly as possible). I truly like the idea of having another property as an investment for the future but I'm not too keen on the househunting itself.



Lisa said...

Tracy, green is my favorite color, so I love your view. In fact, the first time I looked at your blog, what grabbed my heart was a view out your window - kitchen, maybe? It was so pastoral-looking, so beautiful, I was hooked!

As for your finances, I wish you all the best with that.

Kim said...

Hi Tracy, love your view, it reminds me of my view off our verandah!!
As your kids are older, it is great reading about those 'next steps' uni. It makes me remember that you never stop being a mum no matter how old they get!

Karen said...

Hi Tracy, look forward to following your journey. I love your view, I would like to wake up to that view every morning...I would love to live in the country, oh well, maybe one day. Good luck with the budget and yes a vet in the family will come in handy, I know my dog costs me a fortune with his skin irritation etc.

Paola said...

Happy New Year Tracy. Changes ahead indeed for your family. My young cousin did Vet studies too in Sydney. I know it was a bit of a juggle for her parents, especially as they had retired.
At family gatherings now we pepper her with questions about sheep, horses and dogs! I'm sure she loves it!