Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Turkey Dad

I haven't updated the progress of our turkey dad who was incubating eggs only to say that they had indeed hatched. He hatched them out on Christmas eve and into Christmas day. Out of the nine eggs, he hatched eight and of those eight, six have survived. He is an excellent 'mother' albeit a little too over protective. In further crazy turkey developments here on the farm, the turkey hen is now sitting happily on a clutch of duck eggs. These should be ready to hatch in about two weeks.

Tomorrow I am making a poultry drop in town. I have three Indian Runner drakes and some sebright bantams that I am exchanging. They are penned up and ready to go. Believe me, there is no glamour in poultry wrangling but I will spare you the details.


Kim said...

I just love reading about your turkeys! My grandma had one and I spent such alot of time admiring it as a child. They are such an old fashioned storybook animal .

Anne said...

Hi Tracey,
our Turkeys have not been so well behaved! They keep running away and making nests in the long grass where I cant find them. Unfortunately the fox has found three of them, so I am having to keep them locked in a lot more while they are laying.