Sunday, February 12, 2012

Independence Days Update #1

Independence days comes from here.

Plant something: Nothing at all but I am going to set out some seeds this afternoon for winter vegies.

Harvest something: Eggs, tomatoes, basil, other herbs, rocket and strawberries. The garden is really suffering from the cool, wet season with less bounty than usual.

Preserve something: No long term preserving just some soup for the freezer. Ham bones were cheap this week so I bought one even though we usually only have split pea and ham soup once a year.

Waste not: Unfortunately some strawberries went completely to waste. Our weather has produced ideal conditions for rotting. Nothing to be done with these, I'm not sure even the chickens would want them.

Want not: I have been offered a couple of bags of wheat courtesy of my dad. The chickens will be grateful and I am grateful that I don't have to buy some of the poultry rations for a while. Mum and Dad always get fresh eggs from us so no one is missing out.

Eat the food: There has been a fair amount of baking going on (school lunch boxes make it necessary). I still have a few dozen eggs in the fridge but between cakes, biscuits and the odd egg on toast we are getting through them. I did make something new last night, Harissa, tomato and garlic chicken which was delicious if a little spicy. Today I will be making pasta for lasagne.

Building Community: No, I just can't think what to do here.

Skill Up: I'm sure I do learn something new everyday but I don't think I have developed any new skills worth mentioning.


Kimmie said...

Building Community - Barter with others? Local paper, communtiy newsletter/noticeboard, general store window etc

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Hi Tracy
I have just read your post and followed the link and read the post there.

Just wondering how often do you have to update, weekly, monthly?

Its a really good idea to keep one on track and motived.

Frogdancer said...

I'm doing this too! I'm on my fourth week.

Paola said...

I like the idea of Independence Days too. Might join in.
Cool, wet conditions down here too - just as challenging as drought.