Saturday, February 18, 2012

Independence Days Update #2

Independence Days is hosted by Sharon.

Plant something: Just seeds for the winter garden.

Harvest something: The usual summer bounty just in much less quantity than usual. The weather has warmed up over the last couple of days but it may be that it is too late for some things to ripen before the cooler weather arrives.

Preserve something: Freezing leftovers. With my son being away from home now for university I have to adjust my cooking quantities. I had never realised how much one teenage boy must eat until he wasn't there.

Waste not: Compost, worms,poultry have all taken care of the scraps this week.I am a bit ashamed to admit I have wasted a bit of time this week watching My Kitchen Rules on television.

Want not: collecting a few items for the above mentioned son to use in his new dwelling.

Eat the food: We had to eat a couple of meals on the road this week because Tim and I had a quick trip to Sydney. But on the home front we have been enjoying pasta, salads, bread, soup and tonight a beef and Guiness pie courtesy of a tweaked recipe from Jamie at Home. I have also been baking quite a bit.

Building Community: I have changed my entry from building community food systems to just building community, it works better for me. Although I didn't do anything that felt like I was contributing to the community, I did get to enjoy the market in Sydney where there seems to be a thriving community of people eager for fresh produce at a good price.

I did join a group of online crocheters to swap granny squares and a group which makes bags to help eradicate the ubiquitous plastic bag. So a little bit of community activity.

Skill Up: Looking at things that I might be able to do to improve our financial situation and make us that little more independent.



Bec - Farmers Wife said...

I know what you mean about adjusting food quantities. When our son spread his wings it took about a week to be aware not to cook too much. Just seem to do the cooking on auto drive.

Lisa said...

A Guinness pie! Sounds good.