Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making Cut Backs

Sending our son off to university is forcing a few cut backs in our household. Perhaps cut backs is the wrong term, we are just having to be a lot more careful with our finances. We are not struggling but at the moment at least until things find their groove, every dollar needs to be accounted for. This is not a bad thing really, it will mean that there can't be any waste or frivilous spending. We aren't by nature big spenders but those little purchases that no one pays much mind to like a cup of coffee when out in town sure do add up. We are going back to an envelope system for managing our cash at the moment to see how that works. It has been successful in the past so hopefully it will work now and trial and more importantly error won't be necessary.

So now will be the perfect time for us to really enjoy the things we have which don't cost us a cent.

Self sown cosmos are free. I know that I have vowed to remove all of the cosmos as they pop up but really I am soft-hearted and just can't resist allowing a few to grow and bloom.


The herb garden is well and truly established and provides something for our plate most days. Our initial outlay wasn't too costly and now we are at the stage where we can just divide plants if any bare spots arise. I love herbs and my herb garden in particular.

Elderflowers are a bit hip right now, I have even seen cordials in the supermarket. I have made the cordial before and I think I will make another batch with this crop of flowers. It is quite an understated flower and the cordial has a sweetness and delicate floral flavour that isn't overpowering.

We have been harvesting sunflower seeds as we garden, just removing the husk and eating. I probably should pick this huge flower head soon because I have learnt from experience that sunflowers can be there one day and gone the next thanks to the local birds.

Today I have been spending a bit of time outdoors. Although tonight our main meal is going to be an Asian style stir fry with chicken, garlic, tomatoes and zucchini, I have already decided that tomorrow we will be having some of this parsley. The parsley covers almost the whole bed so I will cut it back a bit and make a taboulli style salad as part of tomorrow nights meal.

Heres to happy frugal living.



Vickie said...

So lucky you are to be able to grow so much in your garden, I have recently been thinking about going back to the envelope system as $$ left in the bank seem to walk away LOL..cheers Vickie

Lisa said...

Good luck with your budgeting, Tracy. I love the cosmos!

Kim said...

Loved looking at your garden, Tracy. I must get back onto the envelope system myself, it is a really good way of getting in touch with what you are spending.