Saturday, March 31, 2012

Independence days: Week 8

Plant something: Potting up more herbs to transport down to Tom at the townhouse- lemongrass, rosemary, curry plant to name a few.
Potted up some geranium cuttings I took in town and some bunya seeds too.
Planting the years garlic.

Harvest something: eggs,herbs, rocket, beans, strawberries,tomatoes and zucchini .
The turkeys below will be 'harvested' next week.

Preserve something: just freezing leftovers this week.

Waste not: The usual scraps to the chooks, worms and compost.

Want not: Reading a lot and gathering up inspiration and ideas to tweak for us. I have quite a few pallets to make in to something 'new' for the farm.
I really do want for nothing, I have everything I need.

Eat the food: Meals at home have been varied this week. Chilli, curry, stir fry and a couple of soups. Baking morning tea treats and also some meringues as a special last day of school term treat for Grace and her friends.

Building Community: I have been a homebody this week and haven't done much community building at all. I am taking part in EarthHour tonight and I have decided to host an Australia's Biggest Morning Tea at home this year to be held in May.

Skill Up: Honing my soap making skills or lack there of.

Also skilling up on weeding. My absence from the farm has meant that although the plants are fine and dandy, they are just crowded by weeds but every day I am making a little progress.

Independence days is hosted by Sharon if you would like to read about other's efforts or even share your own.



Bee Girl said...

Oh, strawberries sound lovely! And those huge turkeys? Those will make several meals!

Good luck with your weeding! A little at a time definitely gets the job done :-)

Here's my IDC post:

Hope you have a fabulous week!

Tricia said...

Hi Tracy. I'm interested in your Turkey 'harvesting'. Do you do that yourself? I'm guessing it's much harder than chickens?

Tracy said...

Hi Tricia,
We have found that turkeys aren't any harder to process than chickens, just bigger.We pluck the feathers by hand and after a dip in hot water,it isn't too time consuming. Ducks however are another story.