Friday, March 23, 2012

Settling Down

My version of the simply life has been off the rails lately with travelling so much and spending so much time away from home. But since Tuesday, things have started to settle back in to the normal routine, thankfully. Tim went back to work today after a few weeks off so things were even more 'normal'. I love him being home but we do tend to take more tea breaks and sit around just a little more. Great for our relationship not necessarily as good for the to-do list.

I have a lot of weeding to catch up on. Just as the garden has been having an autumn growth spurt, so have the weeds. The parsnips above are the byproduct of my overzealous weeding. Not wasted though. The minestrone I had planned for tonights dinner was just replaced with parsnip and pear soup served with poppy and caraway seed crackers.

What I did manage to achieve while away in Sydney was some granny squares. I really am not a pink kind of girl whatever that means but these colour ways have grown on me. I joined a Facebook group which is swapping squares within Australia. Who knew there were so many pattern variations for the humble granny square.

I really have a renewed love for my work here.



Bec - Farmers Wife said...

I love your granny squares and the colours work well together.

Autumn is a great time to spend in the garden. I am hoping that to get some soup vegies also this year, be good if they turned out like yours (fingers crossed)

Lisa said...

I've got to remember that soup!