Monday, April 16, 2012

Another big trip to Sydney over the weekend to take Tom back for university after a mid-semester break. I'm so grateful that Tim does most of the driving most of the time when we go on long trips. This time however we had to travel down separately and I had to drive the almost 500km trip on my own with the girls. We had a good time in the car listening to music and having Grace recount various books she has read recently. That girl sure can talk. But I don't like driving, for me it is just a way to get from A to B and then back again.

This whole experience of having my son move away from home has taught me about living more "in the moment". Instead of wishing I was home on the farm whilst I am in Sydney, I just enjoy the time there. In the past whenever we went away I would always be longing to come home. Now I guess because part of my heart is in Sydney, I really don't mind being away so much. In fact I will admit I was a bit teary last night when we left for home minus one member of the family.

We spent a day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Hope requested a picture of the fireworks. I'm sure that pyrotechnics for pleasure is an environmental nightmare but there is something about fireworks that a lot of people enjoy. They are pretty even if they don't last long.

We arrived home to cool, wet weather just perfect for settling the new plants I bought into their new home. The selection of plants in the city is much better than here, the price too. I got a few natives for the driveway, a camellia (because I like them and it has Grace in the name), a few lavenders, a variegated elder and a couple of cacti for the girls. Plants and books are definitely my weakness when it comes to spending and although I like online purchasing, it was nice to actually be able to choose plants in person.

I am tired today but hoping to have a good nights sleep tonight and be rready for a full day of farm and garden work tomorrow weather permitting.



Kimmie said...

Hi Tracy

Your heart shines though in your blog posts. Always love stopping by!



africanaussie said...

You do feel as though your heart is torn when kids move away. At least with the internet it is now so easy to communicate. Have fun planting out all your new plants.