Thursday, April 26, 2012

 The story of my life of late has been to and fro. Travelling between home and our home away from home in Sydney. I am home at last feeling like myself which is a very good thing . It does seem like  a lot about me is defined by where I live and what I do or perhaps it is just that where and how I live and what I do is a true reflection of myself. That was all a little too much so I will move on to what I have been doing outside now that I have had a few days at home to catch my breath and to catch up.

The limes have been ready to pick for a couple of weeks but had to hang on until I could be here for them. There are ever so many and I'm sure in the depths of the freezer I still have a bag or two of last years lime juice. I might try selling some of them and I will be making up some cordial, baking and making some pickles (if I can find a good recipe). Unfortunately the abundance of limes has coincided with a lack of eggs due to moulting so the baking is taking a back seat right now.

The last of the raspberries are super sweet albeit a little sparse on the bush. This variety the Atherton raspberry has small fruit and they do seem to have more seeds than regular raspberries but they are good to eat nonetheless. Never enough raspberries for jam. Actually very few raspberries even make indoors here.
It's good to be back,


Linda Woodrow said...

My Lime Pickle recipe (actually Rod's Lime Pickle recipe) It's an Indian style oil-based pickle that is fantastic on the side of a vegetable curry, and really really good with cheese on bread. I think it is probably a classic recipe – my version came from Rod but I don’t know where his came from! It’s a great way to manage a surplus of limes. It only takes minutes to make, but you need to start three days in advance.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow all those limes!! and as for the raspberrys they wouldn't make it in side to be made in to jam either yummo!! that goes for strawberrys here to a wee little 4 year old seems to pick them faster than they grow lol


Lisa said...

Those limes look so good.