Sunday, April 8, 2012

Townhouse living

We spent a good part of last week ensconced in townhouse life while we visited Tom. He was more than happy to have me visit because Mum is the cooker of cakes and dinner and packed lunches and I do house work too. Actually I just do what I do at home but on a smaller scale. I made an orange, yoghurt and syrup cake which was delicious. At home on the farm, I have a scale and just about everything else needed tyo make baking easy but in the townhouse, there is no scale,one mixing bowl, one wooden spoon, one baking tin and one whisk. I had everything that was necessary and even with the guesswork for the measurements, the cake turned out mighty fine.It is a compact little kitchen but that is all that is needed. I really do like the sunny aspect of it. it gets morning sun which is lovely and because of the French doors in the adjoining laundry, it is bright all day but without the heat in the afternoon. However, I do not like the oven... yet. I need to spend some more time getting to know it better.

Tim surprised me with a sweet little bouquet of grevillea and a lone bottlebrush that he picked while he was out and about. I would love to grow some of the lemon/cream coloured grevillea, they are a stunning large shrub which I'm sure the native birds here would enjoy.

I managed to squeeze in some 'gardening' too. We potted up a dwarf lemon for the courtyard and I actually planted some garlics and some sweet peas too. All the gardening has to be low maintenance though. Tom isn't as interested in growing things as I am but doesn't mind tending herbs and chillies so I will just gradually work him into a bigger patch... maybe.

I had a bit of disappointment at home. When I checked on my seed trays, I realised that I hadn't watered them and had left the mini-greenhouse open and they had all dried out beyond salvation. This afternoon it is back to the beginning for the seed sowing and hopefully a lesson learnt.



Lisa said...

Tracy, a Happy Easter to you! That cake sounds good. mmm

The little book of Nessie said...

Lucky son! That's what mothers are for! The cake sounds like a good recipe. Happy Easter. Regards, Nessie

Kimmie said...

Love all you are doing for your son!
That cake sounds wonderful :]

Jasmin said...

I'm been gardening at home too and sometimes I forgot to water them :(
I feel your bit disappointment when you found out that you hadn't watered your seeds... You're right, lesson learned. Having plants are like having pets at home, we need to give time and feed them :)