Friday, May 18, 2012

Bee business- wax

Generally speaking I am not a procrastinator, I like to get things done. Though on any given day my to-do list is longer than my done list but not because I have a lazy streak but I just bite off more than I can chew sometime all the time. However I have been putting off processing our last lot of bees wax. It is messy and a job that I do not relish.

 This is the wax after it has been washed. Before this it has honey and other debris mixed in with it. So at this stage, it looks fairly clean. It is a good idea to have a pot/ double boiler that is just for processing wax because it is hard to clean off. I use an old heavy based saucepan over boiling water and have an old knife I use for stirring.

 Once it melts I strain it through cheesecloth into whatever vessel I am using. Usually an ice cream container or a clean milk carton. These make for easy removal of the clean wax and they are fairly easy to come by, inexpensive and a good size for the amount of wax I have to deal with.

I know I have written about the 'joys' of wax processing before but I think it bears repeating. Wax is messy business but lovely when it is clean and casting a delicate glow from a homemade candle. It feels smooth and luxe and leaves me in awe of the things such humble little creatures can create.
P.S. I now have what could in all likelihood be the most boring  Facebook page ever published. You can check it out here.


Kimmie said...

Bees wax candles are my all time fav. Love the scent of them.

Vickie said...

you are such an inspiration tracy..I for one apprecitae very much what you share on your blog and hey your FB page is not boring,cheers Vickie