Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zero Mile Food Night

On re-reading my last post it does sound a little whingey. It wasn't my intention to have a whine I think it just kind of snuck in behind the scenes. Sorry for that.

 On Friday night there was a local food night in town with Costa Georgiadis as special guest. There were to be canapes and wine all sourced and made from within the 100mile/160km radius of the town. I really would have liked to attend but without a car and not being keen enough to pedal the 50 kilometres to get there, I decided on a zero mile food night at home.

Pumpkin had to be on the menu because it is the vegetable of the moment. There are at least eighteen still hanging on in the compost area and probably another thirty in the vegetable garden proper. I am leaving them out there until absolutely necessary to ring them in and the flavour keeps improving.

Truly not the best picture but it was a nice dinner with the best of company. Roasted pumpkin frittata, the last of the beans and button squash, simple garlic mashed potato and a mixed salad of rocket, nasturtium leaves and flowers and parsley. I forgot to add the basil until after we were eating but it is supposed to be on top of the frittata.

 I used a couple of the new beeswax candles that I made that day too. The wicks in the candles came from afar and I'm not sure that I would use the homegrown cotton on something as short lived as a wick. Homemade lime cordial finished the meal off. I have to say it was simple fare but that is probably the best way to eat most of the time.

It would be a great to be able to eat this closely to the source every day. It would surely take some planning and work and one would probably end up feeling a bit deprived. It also wouldn't support the growers out there that rely on selling their produce for their livelihood.



Kim said...

Great job! We had a similar night last night with our lamb, pumpkins and sweet potatoes straight from the garden . Your meal looks delicious!Doesn't feel great when you nail it and you don't have to buy anything, it always gives me hope that one day it might be like this everyday.

Lisa said...

Lime cordial! Lime anything sounds good to me, actually.

duchess_declutter said...

I'm just new to your lovely blog. Would you care to share your pumpkin frittata recipe? We have an excess of pumpkins here at the moment also! cheers Wendy

africanaussie said...

I really don't have room for pumpkin, although I am letting one ramble over the fence right now so we will see how it goes. A friend gave me some he had grown and they were super delicious. I love them oven roasted.