Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A chilly start

 The day had a chilly start with a heavy frost but it has turned out to be splendid. When I was making my bed this morning, this Eastern Rosella was sitting outside eating some seeds from the catnip. Now I know why I left the seed heads on. I had to take the picture through the window so it is a little blurry but he is still gorgeous even if he does look cold.

 The globe artichokes don't seem to mind frosty weather too much. They are dying off a little but they actually look quite nice in the frost too.
 Ditto the wormwood. I think it is the silvery, grey foliage that makes them look so nice when they are touched by a frost.

I had a day off from everything yesterday. A migraine had me in it's clutches but thankfully a good nights sleep saw the end of it. Today I am feeling much better and have been happy to be out and about. I planted out seven new lavenders along the driveway. I am aiming for a lavender hedge between the orchard and the drive. I still have a few more plants to go to fill the area but I am getting there.

 I have had Hope at home from school for three days now with a cold. Today she is feeling much better and has spent quite a while in the sun hammering and sawing and soaking up the wintery sunshine which always seems to work wonders for colds. She is going to school tomorrow.

June 20: {Fave photo you have ever taken}. It is hard to pick one favourite but this one would be up there. For me the best pictures are those with people I love in them. I don't know about composition or lighting or anything technical but this photo ticks my boxes for a favourite. It has  three of my favourite people in it (and a little black lamb too) and it is from a lovely time when we were all together at home. I keep a copy of this one on my bedside table because I like it so much.

I am due back in the kitchen now. I have more limes to deal with. Some have been languishing so long on the tree that they look more like lemons. Deliciously limey nonetheless. Lime and coconut cake is in the oven and I have made a batch of lime cordial too ('recipe' tomorrow).


Tania @ Out Back said...

Love the Eastern Rosella pic. They are a beautiful bird but not found in these parts. He does look a bit cold doesnt he? We havent had a frost for a few days now. There is rain due tomorrow so hopefully we get some as it is really dry here at the moment...There has been some nice sunshiny days :)

I better get off here and try and finish the washing, it is blowing a gale today so have been unable to hang the clothes out.


Christy said...

The Eastern Rosella, what a beautiful bird. So many colours on one bird.

We have red cardinals and blue jays, Eastern Orioles which are bright orange, indigo buntings and Eastern bluebirds.

But your Eastern Rosella is a rainbow of colours, how lovely.

Lil Bit Brit